The advantages of Novaxion Swabbing Robot versus competition

50 Novaxion Swabbing Robots are successfully installed around the world. With over 12 years experience, Novaxion Swabbing Robot is deemed a success that no competitor can match.

Novaxion is flexible with the type of robot and assembly required, allowing it to adapt to all existing IS machines, whereas its main competitor offers a single robot type.

Novaxion Swabbing Robot is sold at a very attractive price. The competition's robot costs much more (around 1.5 times more than the Novaxion robot).

Novaxion Swabbing Robot allows more savings and offers many more benefits than its competitor, as detailed hereafter.

Novaxion's experience means it can draw meaningful conclusions about the quick payback of its robot :

The increase of the “pack to melt” ratio from 2 to 5% added to many savings and benefits enable a return on investment within 1 year to 1.5 year! 

  • Time and space savings for Novaxion during the installation of the swabbing robot :

    Novaxion Swabbing robot's mechanical installation only needs 30 minutes of machine downtime

    On the contrary, the mechanical installation of the competition's robot requires the installation of a whole new blank panel and at least 48 hours of production downtime.
    The competitor's robot needs an additional section on the machine for programming. This section is located next to the machine, and therefore requires additional space and investment. This proves to be a complicated system when production changes occur.

  • Easy human machine interface for Novaxion :

    Novaxion has a user-friendly touchscreen HMI with several access levels (operators, process engineer). It allows to use multiple functions, save bottles profiles, simple errors display, change log and log-in history, etc.

    This is not the case for the competitor's robot : the operator must use the robot's teach pendant, which is a complex operation.

  • Less maintenance for Novaxion :

    The bend radius of the cable carrier used by Novaxion is 200 mm, as recommended by FANUC.

    On the opposite, the competition's robot uses a cable carrier with a very low bend radius, meaning cables need to be changed frequently (every 2 years).

  • Safer use with Novaxion :

    The competition's robot is housed in a cage, making it difficult to see the robot working.

    Novaxion Swabbing Robot does not require a cage because it is equipped with specific safety software + a laser scanner + light barriers.

    Novaxion Swabbing Robot is CE and UL certified.

  • More swabbing performance for Novaxion :

    Novaxion Swabbing Robot swabs an entire section in a single cycle (without gob reject - swabbing on the fly). Cycle time for a full 10-section machine lasts less than 2 minutes.
    On the other hand, the competition's robot requires a number of cycles to swab all moulds in the same sections. 

  • Better lubrication precision for Novaxion :

    Novaxion uses a simple, effective, inexpensive and easy-to-maintain spraying system. Novaxion Swabbing Robot's spraying tool permits targeted application across the entire upper portion of the mould, which competition's spraying tool does not permit.

    On the contrary, the competition's robot uses a complicated spraying system. The  swabbing of the neck-rings is not precise, and there is a risk of lubricant being splashed on the plungers.
    Competion's robot does not swab the neck-rings precisely and needs a stop of the section, while Novaxion uses a specific cycle that can be configured over time, with an option for the operator to swab the blowing moulds at the same time that the robot swabs the blank moulds and neck-rings.

    Competion's robot swabs the top of the moulds. On the contrary, Novaxion offers full configuration over several swabbing points inside the moulds (blank and neck-rings) and adjustment of swabbing positions, speeds and oil quantities in specific parts of the moulds, with everything easily configurable via the HMI (touchscreen).

  • More lubricant savings for Novaxion + use of any kind of lubrication :

    Novaxion Swabbing Robot allows more lubricant savings : it uses 85% less lubricant than manual swabbing while the competitor's robot uses 75% less lubricant than manual swabbing.

    Additionally, the competition's robot is forced to use a specific lubricant with a single viscosity grade, whereas Novaxion has the option to use any oils regardless of their viscosity, meaning specific oils can be used for each type of manufacturing (NNPB, P-B, B-B, etc.).