A 22nd Swabbing Robot for Verallia is soon being delivered to Spain



Swabbing Robots SR200 has long proven their efficency.

Verallia and Novaxion started their cooperation in 2005.

Novaxion developed the first swabbing robot for this glass manufacturer in order to meet the needs of the hollow glass industry and replace manual sawbbing.

The aims were to gain in :

  • safety for the staff
  • efficiant lubrication
  • bottle production quality
  • productivity

Goals are achieved thanks to Swabbing Robot SR200.


According to Verallia, "Novaxion is now the perfect robot integrator on I.S. machine"

The use of a high performance spraying device enables a very efficient lubricant application.
No oil is sprayed onto the plunger. The swabbing of the blanks is standardized with equal application of lubricant in each blank.

Thanks to automatic swabbing, the glass production gains in quality and performance.

Furthermore, Novaxion Swabbing Robot is reliable and works perfectly.

To date, Verallia has ordered 22 Swabbing Robots, this is the best demonstration of Novaxion efficiency!


Novaxion thanks Verallia for their testimony :

"Verallia had the first swabbing robot installed in 2006. Over the past ten years other robots were installed across Verallia. All of these robots were integrated on the I.S. machines by Novaxion.
For ten years, Novaxion has been proposing and supporting enhancements which have led to superior performance.
Thanks to this long experience, Novaxion is now the perfect robot integrator on I.S. machine to provide the hollow glass industry with reliable systems able to deliver all the awaited benefits from an automated swabbing process."

VeralliaJean-Marc Nicolas
Verallia Forming Technology Manager