Press release : Novaxion Swabbing Robot success reported

Press release :

May-June 2016 issue of Glass Worldwide magazine read the article about "Swabbing Robot success"... 

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"Swabbing Robot success"


NOVAXION SWABBING ROBOT : "Effectively replacing manual swabbing, this robot was originally developed via an exclusive partnership involving the French company Novaxion, together with a global glass packaging manufacturer. 

Today, more than 30 units are already in operation worldwide.

The SR200 swabbing robot is capable of applying lubricant to any type of blank, from NNPB lightweight bottles to heavy blow-blow bottles (eg Champagne). 

The system can swab on-the-fly (no section stops), is able to lubricate the full profile of the blank and even the neck rings.

The biggest benefit is that the swabbing of blanks is standardised, with equal application of lubricant in each blank.

Less lubricant is applied compared to manual swabbing. This allows the blank temperatures to return to normal levels faster.

Savings in lubricant consumption can be more the 70%, in addition to which the system reduces the safety risks for operators.

The SR200 accepts a variety of lubricants from different suppliers, allowing the customer to maintain existing relationships.

Another positive side effect is that blanks stay cleaner for longer. This means increased stand time and the blanks require less maintenance and repairs in the mould shop."