Swabbing Robot SR200 key strenghs


New orders of Swabbing Robots SR200 have been placed recently by glass manufacturers all over the world : in Korea, Japan, California, Czech republic, Croatia, Austria ..

Once again, these bottles manufacturers were convinced by the numerous benefits offered by Novaxion Swabbing Robot SR200.

The key strenghs of Swabbing Robot SR200 are the following :


  • 12 year-experience :

46 Swabbing Robots are working successfully in glass works worldwide since 2005.

  • Swab on-the-fly :

The section doesn't need to stop and the glass production keeps on going.

  • High level of swabbing performances :

The Swabbing Robot SR200's spraying device goes down into the neckrings. The spraying tool applies a coat of graphite oil into the blank moulds and the neck rings, without spraying any oil on the plungers.

  • Use of any kind of oil :

Swabbing Robot SR200 is working with any kind of graphite oil. No problem, it can use the same oil as for manual swabbing whatever its viscosity.

  • A very attractive price :

Swabbing Robot SR200 is 30% cheaper than the competition (if any on the same level).

  • Fast installation and reduced downtime :

Novaxion Swabbing Robot's compact size permits a very good integration on the IS machine. Connecting the Swabbing Robot to the IS machine lasts approximately 8 hours, without stopping the production line. The IS machine needs to stop for one hour only to complete the proper set up for the communication between the machine and the robot.

These are only some of the many reasons why Swabbing Robot SR200 is the very best solution for swabbing the blank moulds on IS machines.