Swabbing Robot SR 200 proven performances and savings

Compared to manual swabbing, Swabbing Robot SR200 enables a better productivity rate by 2 to 3%*


Efficient lubricant application

The use of a high performance spraying device enables a very efficient lubricant application. No oil is sprayed onto the plunger.
The swabbing of the blanks is standardized with equal application of lubricant in each blank.
Less lubricant is applied compared to manual swabbing. This allows the blank temperatures to return to normal levels faster.
Logically this results in significant gain in efficiency with less defects produced.
In addition, the operator, relieved from his swabbing task, is gaining time to control the IS-Machine more effectively.
Another side effect is that blanks stay cleaner for a longer period of time.
Besides an increased stand time, the blanks require less maintenance and repairs at the mould shop.

Results are clear evidence of better quality and performance improvements

The glass production gains a higher quality thanks to automatic swabbing.

The measure of glass intensity shows a difference of glass distribution after manual swabbing (graphic below on the left) and after automatic swabbing (on the right). 
With Swabbing Robot SR200, the glass distribution is constant.
Glass intensity
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Manual swabbing compared with Swabbing robot SR200

Verification with XPAR cameras shows constant glass distribution. 
After manual swabbing, glass distribution is 45-50% on the shoulder, and 100-120% at the bottom.
After automatic swabbing, glass distribution is 25%-30% on the shoulder and 30%-40% at the bottom.
Even after swabbing cycles, glass distribution is still acceptable :

Constant glass distribution

Verification with XPAR cameras shows constant glass distribution

Glass verticalityGlass verticality


  • Number of swabbing per turn is decreased by 30%
  • Bottles loss due to swabbing is decreased by 30%
  • Oil consumption is decreased by 75%

Savings thanks to automatic swabbing with Swabbing Robot SR200


  • Swabbing Robot SR200 enables a better productivity rate by 2 to 3%*  
    depending on the type of production