Swabbing Robot for IS machines
Swabbing Robot for IS machines

Swabbing Robot for IS machines

Swabbing Robot for IS machines

Swabbing Robot SR200 : an automatic device for swabbing the blank moulds on IS machines

This innovative swabbing solution is the result of a long cooperation between NOVAXION and a glass manufacturer which started in 2005. 
Since that time, more than 56 systems are operating successfully to date.

Worldwide patent license : This solution has been registered in numerous countries around the world. NOVAXION has a license to implement the process, to manufacture and to sell the sytem worldwide.

Novaxion Swabbing Robot V1.2

Swabbing Robot SR200 
version V 1.2
by Novaxion

New hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.0 exclusively distributed by Bucher Emhart Glass

New hanged-up Swabbing Robot
version V2.0
exclusively distributed by
Bucher Emhart Glass 
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Since long tested and proven, the Swabbing Robot SR200 leads to performance improvements, savings and immediate payback.


Swabbing Robot SR200 is able to lubricate any type of blank, from NNPB lightweight bottles to heavy Blow-Blow bottles.  

Not only the blank moulds are swabbed, but also the neck rings. 

√ Swab on-the-fly : no section stops.

√ High performance spraying device
No oil sprayed onto the plunger

Powerful yet easy-to-use software. A high definition colour touch-screen allows the operator to adjust the settings very easily and accurately.

√ Led panel display to check the system status in real time from the operator's room

√ Possibility to swab on a tandem producing 2 different types of bottles or jars

√ CE and UL certified 


  • Performance improvements
    Swabbing on-the-fly
    Constant swabbing
    Uniform lubricant application into the moulds
    Constant glass distribution
  • Savings :
    Decrease of rejected bottles by 30%
    Blank moulds less prone to fouling
    Saving on swabbing oil by 85%.
  • Improved working conditions :
    Decrease of operators exposure time to smoke and noise
    Increased operator safety.
  • Immediate payback
    Improved productivity : increase of "pack to melt ratio" by 2 to 5% (depending on the type of production)
    Return on investment : 1 to 1.5 year.

Communication between SWABBING ROBOT SR200 and IS machines


The protocol of communication has been developed with the main IS machines suppliers such as EMHART, BOTTERO, BDF and GPS (timer FUTRONIC).
It can be developed for any other brand of IS machines.

IS machine configuration

SWABBING ROBOT SR200 is now running on different configurations :

  • 6 sections IS machine
  • 8 sections IS machine
  • 10 sections IS machine
  • 12 sections IS machine
  • Tandem 2 x 6 sections
  • Tandem 2 x 8 sections
  • Tandem 2 x 10 sections...

Operating principle

SWABBING ROBOT SR200 comprises a compact 6 axis robot, travelling on a small rail in front of each section of the IS machine. 

The spraying tool applies a coat of graphite oil into the blank moulds and the neck rings.

Technical specifications

- Robot : FANUC LRMate + auxiliary axis
- Robot speed: up to 4m / sec.
- Repeatability: 0.02 mm
- Swabbing oil tank capacity: 10L = 4 weeks autonomy
- Power supply: 2 KW - 220V single-phase – 50/60 Hz
- Compressed air: 4 bar