The success story of the collaboration between Novaxion and Sick

Sick and Novaxion long-lasting collaboration for safety

Since the development of the very first Swabbing Robot in 2004, Novaxion has relied on Sick laser scanners to ensure the safety of the operators.

Protection area around nOVAXION Swabbing Robot

When the robot is working, Sick safety laser scanner is protecting an area around the robot to avoid possible collision with the operators.
Different protection areas can be defined, depending on the robot position on the machine in order not to interfere with the staff circulation around the IS machine.
Therefore operators still have free secured access to the IS machine. Light beam cells are also installed above the valves blocks to protect an operator who should stand on them.

Technology development and reliability in safety

In a container glass plant, glass melting process and container forming operation induce extreme working conditions for laser scanners because of the presence of smoke, dust and humidity.
As a result of the efficient collaboration between the two companies, Sick has developed a highly reliable and efficient laser scanner, in order to meet Novaxion's technical requirements.

CE certified Swabbing Robot SR200

Thanks to Sick efficient solution to ensure safety, Swabbing Robot SR200 is CE certified.

Today, Novaxion Swabbing Robots SR200 are all equipped with Microscan3 in combination with WEU/WSU sensors.
More than 35 Swabbing Robots are working all over the world and another 10 are about to be delivered in the current year.

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