Press release : Novaxion hails success of swabbing Robot SR200

Glass International Magazine reports about Novaxion Swabbing Robot V2.0 

Glass International Magazine : March 2019 issue.

Extracts :

"With 56 of its Swabbing Robot SR200 installed so far all around the world, Novaxion is a major actor of the automation process in the glass container manufacturing industry suggests Christophe Duplan.

The industry productivity glass aims container as at well higher as manufacturing a secure quality work and 

With extensive experience and years of partnership with the major glass container manufacturers, Novaxion provides the solutions for swabbing blank moulds on IS Machines. For example the latest Swabbing Robot SR 200, was installed in Piramal Glass, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing glass bottle companies. It was integrated into an 8-section Emhart IS machine in Piramal Glass’s Missouri plant, USA. 
Piramal group is now willing to integrate an extra five Novaxion swabbing robots. 

A new version 1.2 has just been developed :

  • New design with a better integration of the oil tank and other devices, and protection of the cables. 
  • New Novaxion SwabTool software revision v4.0 gives friendly enhanced possibilities to users to view, edit and apply independent swabbing settings on each section. According to our customers needs and to support specific productions such as flexible multi-gob systems, this new revision allows the settings
    optimisation on one section before applying them on all the machine. This offers flexibility to achieve better bottle swabbing efficiency.

Benefits :

According to the company, the installation of Novaxion Swabbing Robots enables benefits : 

  • More product quality: constant swabbing and uniform lubricant application into the mould allow less reject of bottles and constant glass distribution.
  • Gain of time : quick installation, swabbing on the fly no section stops. 
  • Saving on swabbing oil by 85%.
  • Saving on labour costs : two operators per 24 hours. 
  • Other savings concern swabbing sticks and waste treatment for used swabbing sticks. 
  • Better working conditions with better air quality and increased work safety

These savings and benefits added to the increase of the ‘pack to melt’ ratio from 2% to 5% (depending on the factories and the type of production) enables a payback within 12 to 18 months.

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