Press release : Glass Gobs Gathering Robot

Glass International Magazine reports about Novaxion Glass Gobs Gathering Robot


Extracts :

"Since its creation in 2004, Novaxion has developed a range of ball-gatherer robots, able to gather a few grams of gobs up to 6kg of glass.

Novaxion provides glass gobs gathering robots to global glassware producers such as Rogaska in Slovenia, Iittala in Finland and Waltersperger in France.
Mr Duplan said: “After a challenging period between 2010 and 2015, glass gathering robots’ sales are now rising,
meeting the demand for high quality robots.”


Mr Duplan said ball gatherer robots are much more flexible than slow feeders.

There are many advantages offered by ball-gatherer robots which balance the comparison with slow feeders.
“Slow feeder systems can be installed only on a constant level furnace that excludes day-tanks and pot furnaces.
From this first principle, the possibility of working with colour glass is limited.
Putting a feeder into operation is long and difficult to realise by an operator. It comprises ring clearing, gob regulation and thermal stabilisation of the feeder.
“This period practically does not exist with the ball gatherer robot. These feeder disadvantages are important when
production is not done in three shifts. 
“Each machine stop for maintenance, breakdown or production change causes important glass losses. With a slow speed there is a necessity to flow down a glass trickle and to make a pre-gob before being able to get the right gob. So there is less flexibility with a gob feeder.

“With a feeder people are obliged to work in the range of lower temperatures which is inconvenient for production
of some glass articles and sometimes for glass technology since the phenomena of deglazing can appear on the feeder.
“The most beautiful glass articles have been hand-made until now. So, surface heterogeneity does not constitute a
problem. A glass gatherer robot imitating human work enables articles similar to hand-made quality to be obtained.”
Novaxion 6-axis glass gatherer robots have soft movements reproducing the hand-gatherer way and are easily movable from one furnace to another.
They can work at high speed combined with high precision and they can feed up to two forming machines simultaneously.
Concerning the gathering of glass from day-tanks and pots, Novaxion offers a glass gob weight control system to ensure a constant weight of the gob while the glass level is decreasing."