Novaxion Swabbing Robot success in Glass Worldwide Magazine

May/June 2017 issue : "Swabbing robot success" 

"It was in 2005 that Novaxion created the first swabbing robot, in partnership with a global glass packaging manufacturer. Twelve years later, with 37 units already operating in glass plants throughout the world, the SR200 swabbing robot has proved to be a reliable and efficient swabbing solution for IS machines.

Christophe Duplan reports. 

Based on long-term experience, Verallia installed the first swabbing robot in 2006 and within the past 10 years, other installations have been completed across the group. All of these robots were integrated on the IS machines by Novaxion. “For 10 years, Novaxion has been proposing and supporting enhancements that have led to superior performance” commented a Verallia spokesman. “Thanks to this long experience, Novaxion is now the perfect robot integrator on IS machines to provide, the hollow glass industry with a reliable system, able to deliver all the expected benefits from an automated swabbing process.”

The first installation of an SR200 swabbing robot at a Japanese glassworks in 2016 will be followed by many others, including another Japanese customer. Furthermore, an order has also been placed by a Korean glass manufacturer.
Whether in Asia, Turkey or Europe, glass manufacturers have been convinced by the robot’s numerous advantages compared to manual swabbing, including very efficient lubricant application. The swabbing of blanks is standardised, with equal application of lubricant in each blank.
Not only are the blank moulds swabbed but also the neckrings. The spraying tool applies a coat of graphite oil into the blank moulds and neckrings, so that the plungers are not sprayed at all.
The SR200 swabbing robot works with all graphite oils, whatever their viscosity.

Therefore, the robot significantly reduces oil consumption, saving up to 85% of oil compared to manual swabbing. Furthermore, the system is swabbing on-thefly (no section stops) so that no gobs are lost.

Thanks to gains in quality, savings and higher performance levels, the SR200 swabbing robot allows a better productivity rate by 2%-3% compared to manual swabbing. "