Novaxion Swabbing Robot replaces manual swabbing of blank moulds

Novaxion Swabbing Robot SR200 : an innovative solution to replace the manual swabbing of blank moulds on IS machines

Over years, Novaxion has developed the innovative and proven concept of Swabbing Robot SR200 for IS machines. More than 35 systems are operating to date in Asia, Turkey and central Europe.

Swabbing Robot SR 200 allows a very efficient lubricant application of blank moulds and neck-rings.

Swabbing Robot S200 travels on a rail in front of each section of the IS machine. Its spraying tool applies a coat of graphite oil not only into the blank moulds and but also into the neck-rings.
The Swabbing Robot SR200 is able to lubricate any type of blank, from NNPB lightweight bottles to heavy Blow-Blow bottles. The intuitive User Interface of the SR200 Swabbing Robot allows easy programming for the most efficient lubricant application.

Compared to manual swabbing, Swabbing Robot SR200 brings many benefits such as savings and productivity gains.

The swabbing of the blanks is standardized with equal application of lubricant in each blank and reduced lubricant consumption. This efficient application provides more than 70% savings of lubricant consumption.
This results in significant gain in productivity with a decrease of rejected bottles because of swabbing defect. 
In addition, the operator, relieved from his swabbing task, is gaining time to control the IS-Machine more effectively and is less exposed to safety risk, smoke and noise.
Another side effect is that blanks stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Besides an increased stand time, the blanks require less maintenance and repairs.

XPAR and Novaxion combine their strengths in the commercialization of the SR200 Automatic Swabbing Robot.
XPAR is ‘worldwide agent’ except for Spain and Portugal (agent: Metaglobal).