Special gathering software
Special gathering software

Special gathering software

Special gathering software

Special Software for Gathering Glass Gobs

NOVAXION has developped an application oriented software named GlassTool dedicated to the robotized glass gathering.
It is based on the Teach Pendant Editor (TPE) programming language of the FANUC R30iA controller.

The main aim of the GlassTool software is to control the execution of a TPE program, but also the display and the updating of its parameters.

A glass gathering program executed with GlassTool is composed of 2 parts that can be controlled by the operator:

  • a TPE program where are registered the positions of the points where the robot go through
  • an array of the parameters linked to the TPE program (coordinates, ball speeds and temporizing phases).

During the running phase, the TPE program calls the BALL and TEMP modules thanks to a CALL statement, in order to drive respectively either the ball rotational movement, or a temporizing phase.

The display of the parameters concerning the rotational phase (speed and/or the number of revolutions), the temporizing phase (timers) and the points coordinates is possible at any time; these parameters can be modified during the teaching mode as during the automatic cycle.

GlassTool conversational software can be translated in any language such as Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and also Chinese.