Glass Gatherer robot R6X2-R30IB
Glass Gatherer robot R6X2-R30IB

Glass Gatherer robot R6X2-R30IB

Glass Gatherer robot R6X2-R30IB

For high quality small glass gobs.
Can work on day-tanks or continuous furnaces.

This 6 axis Glass Gatherer robot R6X2-R30IB combines highest speed in its category with high precision.
It gathers high quality glass gobs and is ideal for small gobs :
gathers gobs up to 1,5 kg of glass from continuous furnaces.
Its compact size saves space in front of gathering bay and its very low power consumption makes it attractive.


This 6-axis poly-articulated robot is driven by air cooled brushless motors (Alternative Current without brushes), featuring strong coupling capability, light inertia and high accelerations.
√ Shortened cycles time thanks to the most advanced technologies (ultra-high resolution encoders).
√ Direct coupling of motors on the axis.
√ Driven by Fanuc’s new and powerful R-30iB controller.
√ Programmed thanks to user-friendly teach-pendant ; backlighting LCD color; multi windows color display.
√ Possibility to store up to 100 different programs in memory or on PCMCIA cards or to USB memory key.
√ Accepts small variation of glass level (+/-50mm).
√ Gathering lance with interchangable nose, cooled by soften water.


  • Soft movements reproducing the hand-gatherer way
  • Highest speed in its category, combined with high precision
  • Simple programming method
  • Short production changes
  • Compact size, saves space in front of gathering bay
  • Very low power consumption
  • Gathers high quality glass gobs
  • Can feed up to 2 forming machines simultaneously
  • Spare-parts in stock
  • After-sale service all over the world
  • Extremely reduced maintenance