Novaxion history

Christophe Duplan, founded Novaxion in 2004, after many years of experience in robotics for the hollow glass industry.

NOVAXION has been very successful since this date, and is still developping new robotics applications for the hollow glass industry, for the great satisfaction of its customers.



The story begins in 1988 when Christophe DUPLAN, graduate engineer from INSA (Lyon, France), was recruited by a long-established French company GUILHON BARTHELEMY.
This company was specialised in the manufacturing of forming machines for the hollow glass industry.
The mission of Christophe DUPLAN was to develop a Ball-Gatherer Robot.
Instead of to start from scratch developping a new robot for this task, Christophe DUPLAN had the idea to adapt an industrial robot for the glass gathering. The main advantages were : reduced costs, high level technological capacities, simple to program, flexibility, and an after-sale service yet existing all over the world.
At first this project was developped with the French company STAÜBLI Robots.

The technical and commercial success was immediate, and at GLASSTEC 1990, the company sold 3 robots, without any reference. The customers understood well the advantages of this solution. But because of management problems, GUILHON BARTHELEMY went into bankrupcy in 1992.

Christophe DUPLAN and a former employee decided to settle a new company called CYBERGLASS Robotics.
They chose as a partner the company FANUC Robotics, the world leader in the field of robots manufacturing.
New gathering robots were developped, from 4 to 6 axis.
This company met a great success until the year 2000. But because of misunderstanding between the 2 co-managers, CYBERGLASS Robotics was obliged to close at the end of 2003.


In July 2004, Christophe DUPLAN settled a new company on its own: NOVAXION. The partnership with FANUC Robotics was maintained, new models of robots were developped working with a new software, more powerfull and convenient for the operators.

NOVAXION has developped 6 models of ball-gatherer robots:
-4 axis models, gathering from 4 to 10 Kg of glass.
-6 axis models, gathering from 2 to 6 Kg of glass.

The partnership with FANUC robotics, the robotics world leader allows NOVAXION to benefit of the latest technologies in the field of axis control, new motor developments, and new control boards.

A new, friendly, gathering software has been developped, allowing more functions for the end-users and more possibilities of adjustments. This leads to making top quality glass production.

NOVAXION uses the latest CAD softwares, such as SOLIDWORKS for the mechanical designing, and ROBOGUIDE, the FANUC software to simulate the robots trajectory.

Since 2005, NOVAXION has succesfully developped a new automatic device for the glass bottles manufacturers : the Swabbing Robot SR200 replaces manual swabbing for swabbing the blank molds on IS machines.

Since that time, more than 50 systems are operating successfully to date.