New hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.0

In 2017, IS machine supplier Bucher Emhart Glass and Novaxion worked together to implement a new hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.0. 

The joint developed "hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.0. is exclusively distributed by Bucher Emhart Glass

Integrated hanging FlexRobot exclusively for Bucher Emhart Glass forming machines

Swabbing Robot version 2.0 has been integrated into a Bucher Emhart Glass AIS machine at the glass plant of a European bottle manufacturer. This FlexRobot is installed on AIS 12 Section 4 1/4 TG Bucher Emhart Machine.

This version V2.0 hanged-up swabbing robot is already a success : 

  • the integration of the robot on the blank side panel is good. 
  • the system is compact and easy to clean. No visible cables and no protection cage are required.
  • the robot’s movements are smooth, operating without any vibrations. 

A second robot was installed at Vidrala’s Crisnova plant in Spain and is running successfully, and a 3rd one in the Philippines. 

A further 10 robots are due to be installed in the near future. 

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