Glass Worldwide Magazine reports about Park Cam and Novaxion

Novaxion has sold 4 swabbing robots to Park Cam in Turkey through Bottero company.

Factory spotlight : In the 61rst issue, Glass Worldwide magazine reports about Park Cam's ambitious project : "Building dreams at advanced Turkish container factory".

Extracts from the article :

" Phase two of Park Cam's ambitious four furnace glass container project in Turkey is on track for completion by october 2015.

Supported by experienced project co-ordinator Bottero SpA, the factory is already producing outstanding productivity results, as John Wattis discovered during a recent visit.

Located mid-way between Ankara and Istanbul, close to the city ol Eskisehir, Park Cam has already made a significant impression in the local glass container sector, currently realising average pack-to-melt efficiencies of around 91% for the high volume manufacture of lightweight narrow neck press and blow bottles.

By 2018, the owners expect to have created one of the world's biggest single site glass container factories, employing state of-the-art manufacturing technology and satisfying a growing proportion of Turkey's fast expanding glass packaging requirements.

High speed forming
At the hot end, Bottero has delivered high speed, 8-section tandem triple gob IS machines for all eight lines now installed at the site, all equiped with state-of-the-art technology, including E-MOC mechanisms.

As part of phase two at Park Cam, Bottero has introduced automatic swabbing robots from Novaxion in the overall hot end package, as well as Gob Assist and Blank Temperature Control from XPAR Vision BV, while the lR-D machines already installed on the first furnace have also been confirmed  on the second.

Looking ahead with confidence
Having almost completed its second production shop at Bozuyuk, Park Cam is already half way to creating one of the world's largest and most advanced glass container production sites. The glassmaker is continuing to invest stronggly, not only in the purchase of the latest manufacturing technologies but also in the training and advancement of a highly skilled workforce."