Glass International Magazine reports about Novaxion Swabbing Robot V2.0

Novaxion’s latest swabbing robot is integrated onto Emhart machine.

Christophe Duplan* discusses how the latest version of a swabbing robot has been installed on an Emhart AIS machine  and explains the benefits it brings to air quality and operator well-being.

Novaxion has installed 50 of its SR200 Swabbing Robots into glass bottle manufacturing plants in the past 12 years, including 11 robots in 2017 alone in Austria, South Korea, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, USA and Japan.
The company has a further 10 installations on its order books for 2018.

The first hanged-up Swabbing Robot by Novaxion in 2011 in Saint-Gobain Oberland’s plant in Germany.2011 : first hanged-up Swabbing Robot by Novaxion

In 2011, Novaxion developed the first hanged-up  Swabbing Robot, which was integrated into a GPS machine in Saint-Gobain Oberland’s plant in Germany.
See photo to the left.



New Novaxion hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.02017 : new hanged-up Novaxion Swabbing Robot V2.0 in co-operation with Bucher Emhart Glass

In 2017, Bucher Emhart Glass and Novaxion began to work together to implement a new  hanged-up Swabbing Robot version V2.0. This robot has been integrated into an Emhart AIS machine at a European bottle manufacturer. See photo to the left.

Swabbing Robot version V2.0. is exclusively distributed by Bucher Emhart Glass 

The new version V2.0 has been deemed a success. 

  • the integration of the robot on the blank side panel is really good;
  • the system is compact and easy to clean. No visible cables and no protection cage is required.
  • the robot’s movements are smooth, operating without any vibrations.

Successful tests have also been made on an NIS machine. 


As all IS machines are not adapted to receive a hanged-up robot, the version V1.2 (with the rail installed on valves block) is still available.

Novaxion's Swabbing Robots benefits and quick payback

These two versions of Novaxion’s Swabbing Robots allow  benefits such as :

  • gain of  time (swabbing on-the-fly; no section stops),
  • reliability of the production process and product quality, thanks to constant swabbing, uniform lubricant application into the moulds and constant glass distribution.

Novaxion's experience means it can draw  meaningful conclusions about the quick payback of its robots.

The installation of its robots provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Saving on reject of bottles due to swabbing;
  • Saving on swabbing oil by 85%;
  • Saving on labour costs: four operators per 24 hours
  • Other savings concerning swabbing stick and waste treatment for used swabbing sticks.

The installation of a Novaxion swabbing robot will increase the pack to melt ratio by 2% to 5%

(depending on the factories and type of production).

Quick return on investment and better working conditions

These savings added to the increase of the “pack to melt” ratio enables a return on investment within six to 18 months. A calculation tool to calculate the return on investment can be provided on request.

Its robot allows the operators to work in a workplace with  better air quality and safer working conditions. Operators' exposure time to smoke and noise is decreased, leading to better health impact.