Glass Gatherer Robot works for a master glassmaker

Novaxion supplies a glass gatherer robot for a famous French master glassmaker

 Watersperger manufactures premium glass or crystal items: perfume bottles for great perfume-makers, bottles and decanters for spirits...

With more than 100 years experience in the emblematic Bresle Walley in Upper Normandy, this master glassmaker is the first glassmaker to install a glass gatherer robot .

High quality robot to the benefit of craftsmanship and quality

Novaxion glass gatherer robot's soft movements reproduce the hand-gatherer way for a quality of work similar to that of the "handmade".
It follows the glass level thanks to a specific software and weight control of the glass gobs thanks to a scale connected to the robot.
The glass gatherer robot collects a ball of glass or molten crystal from the oven, as big as an orange, and places it in a mould. The technician then performs the pre-blowing and final blowing phases on a semi-automatic machine.

Novaxion glass gatherer robot allows to operate in an extremely hot environment and thus relieves the work of the operators. Its repetitive work guarantees constant weight and gob shape.

Watch the video of Glass Gatherer Robot working at Waterserger

Link to Watersperger website