Gallo Glass testimonial about Novaxion Swabbing Robot

Gallo Glass, established in 1958, is a highly-innovative glass manufacturer and the largest glass plant in North America.

Gallo Glass Company ordered the first Swabbing Robot in 2017, which was installed by Novaxion on Emhart's 10 sections IS machine.

 The company reports about the benefits of Novaxion Swabbing Robot :

  • improved quality,
  • housekeeping improvement,
  • improved safety.

Gallo Glass Company has therefore ordered 3 new Swabbing Robots version V2.0 to be installed on Emhart NIS machines (two 10 sections machines 10 sections and one 12 sections machine ) and even more to come...

We thank Gallo Glass Company for their testimonial :

“Gallo Glass Company, North America’s largest wine and spirits facility, partnered with Novaxion in 2017 to install its first swab robot. The installation was completed on an Emhart I.S. machine manufacturing blow and blow wine containers for the Californian market.

With the support and expertise of Novaxion, Gallo has seen significant benefits from the technology. Pack and quality have improved, while swab oil use has decreased by around 70% providing housekeeping improvements.

Another key benefit of the technology is improved safety as employees do not need to interact with the forming machine to swab the blank side.

During an upcoming furnace rebuild project, Gallo Glass will install three more Novaxion robots demonstrating its commitment to the technology.”

Gallo Glass Company
Modesto California USA
Website :