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Swabbing Robot SR200

Parkcam has 4 swabbing robots in 4 Bottero 8+8 tandem lines. Robots proved their benefits in few weeks after commissioning. If we would choose some key words to describe the robots we can simply choose safe movements, standard swabbing, thrifty oil consumption, Clean environment.
We should also give credit to Novaxion for innovative efforts depending on customer demands. In conclusion Novaxion robots assist Parkcam to keep high quality and high efficiency. We are happy to be a part of this partnership.”


Erman Ülken
Production Engineer
Park Cam
Bozüyük-Bilecik Turkey

Gallo Glass Company, North America’s largest wine and spirits facility, partnered with Novaxion in 2017 to install its first swabbing robot. The installation was completed on an Emhart I.S. machine manufacturing blow and blow wine containers for the Californian market. With the support and expertise of Novaxion, Gallo has seen significant benefits from the technology. Pack and quality have improved, while swab oil use has decreased by around 70% providing housekeeping improvements. Another key benefit of the technology is improved safety as employees do not need to interact with the forming machine to swab the blank side. During an upcoming furnace rebuild project, Gallo Glass will install three more Novaxion robots demonstrating its commitment to the technology.”

Gallo Glass Company

Jason Alves
Project Manager Engineering
Gallo Glass Company
Modesto California USA

"Verallia had the first swabbing robot installed in 2006. Over the past ten years other robots were installed across Verallia. All of these robots were integrated on the I.S. machines by Novaxion.
For ten years, Novaxion has been proposing and supporting enhancements which have led to superior performance.
Thanks to this long experience, Novaxion is now the perfect robot integrator on I.S. machine to provide the hollow glass industry with reliable systems able to deliver all the awaited benefits from an automated swabbing process."

VeralliaJean-Marc Nicolas
Verallia Forming Technology Manager


"Thank you very much for this professional work of your complete team. It was a pleasure to see how they worked and developed to bring the robot on a level that everybody is happy with this system.
My big compliment to all of you.

"At first I want to congratulate you for this professional work of  your technicians.
They made a great job in our plants.


" The robot in iour plant works with the new software update very well and without major problems and we are looking to order a new robot."


Gathering Robots 

'"We would like to say that your robotic system is very friendly for operating and highly qualify!!"

'Michael Fu
Equipments & Engineering
United Oriental Glass Ind. Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan, Taiwan


"This 4 axis robot is the best I have ever seen!!!'"

Alan MA
Shanghai Carican Glass


"We've installed four axis glass gatherer robot from Company of Novaxion in our factory. The robot works well and gives good results with the IS machine.'"

Arthur Yeritsyan

Commercial director
Yerevan "Shampayn Ginineri Gortsaran" OJSC
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia