Control board R30IB for gathering robots
Control board R30IB for gathering robots

Control board R30IB for gathering robots

Control board R30IB for gathering robots

FANUC Robotics system R-30iB Controller uses advanced technology packaged in a proven, reliable and efficient design.

Process capability and open architecture features provide intelligence to improve application and motion performance while wimplifying system integration.




R-30iB Mate controller needs less than 1 minute to start (and even less with the basic software only).
In case of power failure, robot program restarts much quicker than with any PC-based program (non-Windows operating system). 
The resume hotstart function allows to restarting safely and continuing production after power failure : no need to re-do the whole movement. 
Unique resume tolerance check : in case of any program interruption, the robot automatically memorises its position before failure. When the program continues, it checks wether the robot has been moved outside of a preset tolerance. This avoids unexpected movements and collisions. 
Increased up-time (robot availability)


- Controller size allows quick access to all components
- Minimal number of components
- No air-filters
- Emergency stop and I/O connections facilitate fast component change
- Special quick-change design for the 6-axes servo amplifier
- All cables attached have connectors, thus allowing an easy change
- Quick exchange frame for the amplifier fixed with only 2 bolts
- All components can be changed without special tools
- Low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
- Remote diagnostics features

Advantages : 

  • Fast start-up
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Powerful programming functions
  • Easier work with the robot
  • Encreased productivity
  • Servo monitoring : overload, overheat and collision detection
  • Wide range of connections (USB2), PCMIA Interface...


Safety Class 4 (EN 954-1) is offered with Dual Check Safety. 2 channel safety inputs for FENCE, Emergency Stop, Servo Off 2 channel safety output for Emergency Stop Same safety inputs and outputs as R-J3iB and R-J3 Safely cuts the servo motor power using magnetic contactors Safety classification according to EN 954-1 risk assessment class 4 (highest level as needed for manual press loading)


The FANUC iPendant is an intelligent teach pendant and is available as standard (except for PaintTool). Touch screen is available as option.

Access via Ethernet to web sites
Pendant view status of peripheral equipment and other robots‘ html web server pages (when available) 
Coloured, multi-windows display, customizable screen


The controller runs with FANUC operating system, which brings strong advantages :

√ Virus-free (not PC based)
√ High data security in case of power loss 
√ Quick start-up of basic software 
√ Easy to use

The controller offers various programming possibilities :

√ TPE (Teach pendant editor) which is the standard way of programming
√ Advanced offline programming options such as ROBOGUIDE 
√ Integrated PMC (optional) 
√ Karel (optional)

TPE is a block style interpreter language : it allows fast and cost-efficient programming.

√ Possibility to record up to 11 000 positions with basic memory configuration.
√ One key stroke on the teach pendant records one complete operation of the robot.
√ Standard operations (e.g. motion, arc start, arc end, logic...) can be selected and adapted to the application very easily.
√ TPE motion includes: Joint, linear and circular motions, remote TCP, coordinated motion and other functions in option.

Vibration control

Thanks to enhanced hardware and software capacities, the R-30iA controller offers much better robot vibration control. This greatly reduces the robot’s acceleration and deceleration times, leading to reduced cycle times.


Continuous monitoring of the motor current by the servo control for enhanced predictive maintenance

Overheat monitoring: the power dissipation and capacity of each motor is continuously monitored, as well as the robot duty cycle. In case of overheat, an alarm is issued and stops the robot. 

Collision detection (disturbance torque monitoring): the difference between real and expected motor current is monitored.
Collisions and electrical / mechanical problems to the robot can be detected quickly before serious damages occur. Disturbance excess alarm warns the operator while the collision alarm stops the robot. Collision events are recorded to allow further analysis. 
Overload monitoring (OVC): the commanded torque is monitored and overload detected when the value gets too big. 
Position monitoring: the „following“ error of the servo control is constantly monitored. It triggers move error excess and stop error excess alarms.


The R-30iB controller has an USB interface in the front panel and a PCMCIA interface inside of the control cabinet 
2 serial interface connections (RS232C, RS422) available 
Printer Connect 
Data Transfer (option) 
Sensor interface (option) 
CRT keyboard (option) 
User specific data transfer using KAREL option

This allows fast and economical back-ups and restore of data and programs.