Novaxion : Mass Production For Ball-Gatherer Robots !

This is the 10th ball-gatherer robot delivery for NOVAXION from the beginning of the year!

This great success was achieved thanks to the development of new models as the last 6 axis robot named R6X2-R30iA.
The friendly user gathering software has been improved, offering more possibilities and an option for Chinese language.

The speed has been increased of 20% allowing the same increase of productivity.

And the quality is still reaching the highest standards.

Since its creation in 2004, the company NOVAXION developed a complete range of ball-gatherer robots, from 4 axes robots to 6 axes robots.
Our partnership with the world leader of the industrial robotics FANUC allows us to offer to her customers a guarantee of 2 years with a stock of always available spare parts and an after-sales service in every region of the world.
More than 130 robots work at present in the glass factories of the whole world for the highest satisfaction of their users.