Novaxion Robotics for the glass industry

More than 25 years' experience in developing robotics for the glass industry
More than one hundred of robots operating worldwide.

Specialised in the development of robotics at the hot end with a range of Glass Gatherer Robots,
In 2005, NOVAXION created the first Swabbing Robot SR200 for all IS machines, for the glass container industry.
This innovative swabbing solution has long since proven its efficiency.
Since that time, more than 50 Swabbing Robots SR200 are operating successfully to date. + Read more

Novaxion latest news

Glass Gatherer Robot works for a master glassmaker

Novaxion supplies a glass gatherer robot for a famous French master glassmaker. Watersperger is the first glassmaker to install a glass gatherer robot on a pot oven.

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Gallo Glass testimonial about Novaxion Swabbing Robot

Gallo Glass Company has installed the first Swabbing Robot in 2017. The company reports about the benefits of Novaxion Swabbing Robot.

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Glass International Magazine reports about Novaxion Swabbing Robot V2.0

Novaxion’s latest swabbing robot is integrated onto Emhart machine. Christophe Duplan discusses how the latest version of a swabbing robot has been installed on an Emhart AIS machine.

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The advantages of Novaxion Swabbing Robot versus competition

50 Novaxion Swabbing Robots are successfully installed around the world. With over 12 years experience, Novaxion Swabbing Robot is deemed a success that no competitor can match.

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Calculate Novaxion Swabbing Robot Payback

Since the first installation of Novaxion Swabbing Robot in 2005, 50 robots are now running successfully throughout the world. Our major experience enables us to draw meaningful conclusions about Novaxion Swabbing Robot quick payback.

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Swabbing Robot SR200 key strenghs

These are only some of the many reasons why Swabbing Robot SR200 is the very best solution for swabbing the blank moulds on IS machines.

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Novaxion The World Specialist for Robotics at the Hot End

From Glass Gathering Robots to Swabbing Robots: Innovation in automation with Novaxion

For more than 10 years, Novaxion has developed a full range of ball-gatherer robots from  More than 100 robots are working in glassworks all over the world to the great satisfaction of customers.

In 2005, NOVAXION has created the Swabbing Robot SR200 for the glass bottle and glass container manufacturers, in cooperation with a glass manufacturer. The Swabbing Robot SR200 is an automatic device for swabbing the blank moulds and the neck rings on IS machines and replaces manual swabbing.

This innovative swabbing solution leads to performance improvements, savings and immediate payback. Since 2005, more than 50 systems are operating successfully to date. Swab on-the-fly : no section stops. Watch the demo video

World patent license : This solution has been registered in many countries around the world. NOVAXION has a license to implement the process, to manufacture and to sell the system worldwide. 

A partnership with the world leader FANUC Robotics allows to benefit of a 2-year warranty with spare parts in stock and an after-sale service in every country. + Read more about NOVAXION...